Friday, May 30, 2008

Kalene Fife Howell

Wow! That 10 years went by really fast! It is so good to see how everyone is doing. I am excited for the reunion. After graduation, I went to Ricks College. I pole vaulted there for a year and met my husband (Brian) at my last track meet of the year. We were pretty much inseparable from that point. We were married in December of 1999. When we both graduated from Ricks we went to Boise State. I only lasted a couple of days, due to being sick with our
first baby. We had Gabrielle in March of 2001. Brian graduated from BSU in Business Marketing and got a job as a drug rep in Tri-Cities, Washington. We lived there about nine months. We had Sterling in November of 2002 while in Washington. Then when an opening in Brian's company opened up in Idaho Falls, we jumped on the chance and moved home! We both felt like this was where we wanted to raise our family, and we have loved it. We built a house in the Ammon foothills and had two more girls. Kirsten was born in December of 2004 and Sage was born in February of 2007. I love staying home and raising my family. I wish I could lie and say that it was easy, but I do love it. When I got married, I thought I was the more athletic one in the family, but have since been proven wrong. My husband discovered triathlons and has since become an addict. Fortunately he has inspired me to do better. I love to run and bike (no swimming yet) and have fun doing races and staying in shape between babies. A couple of weeks ago my husband had a change of careers and is now enjoying a new job in marketing where he gets to do something that he really loves. He also coaches triathletes on the side and coordinates local races for fun. My kids have even done a couple of triathlons. They are so darn cute to watch. Anyways, I really appreciate where I am at in my life right now and I hope that all of you are doing well also. Hope to see you around or at the reunion. You can visit my website at

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Purchase reunion tickets today!!!

You only have a few more days left to buy your reunion tickets! Purchase them today by clicking on the link on the right side of this page.

You can also mail your money to:
RHS Class of 1998
c/o Heidi Jones Webb
P.O. Box 75
Menan, ID 83434

It can be postmarked as late as June 1st.

The cost is $30 per person or $60 per couple. (This includes the all you can eat buffet, room rental, tax, tip and any expenses incurred while planning and organizing the reunion such as postage.)

We hope you can all make it!
The Reunion Committee

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Well, I guess I should have seen it coming. It all started when I began to spend too much time at the bowling alley and listening to too many Woodstock tribute albums. Pretty soon I had gotten into competitive eating (I now hold the county fair record for the most PB&J’s eaten in 20 minutes in Lake Winnepesaukee, Wisconsin), developed an addiction to daytime television, put on 63 pounds, and started doing seasonal work hanging Christmas lights. I’m still waiting to be discovered by an independent recording company, (I’m totally going to revolutionize the neo-classical acoustic grunge movement), and three times I’ve made it to the final round of selection for contestants in a pilot reality show, but they keep telling me that my life isn’t messed up enough yet. Here’s me at a recent audition:

People keep asking me if I’m the big guy from Lost. I’ve told a few yes and got a couple hundred bucks for my autograph. Do what you gotta do, right?

Now, as for what I’m really doing. After high school, in rapid succession I did the Ricks/mission (Brazil)/BYU-Idaho circuit, rooming with a bunch of fellow Rigby-ites along the way. After graduating in Communications, I married my wife Sarah in 2004. We have two kids (Jaxon, 2, and Samantha, 7 months) who keep us busy, and a spastic Jack Russell terrier who keeps us up pacing the floor wondering where we went wrong as parents. We are, however, very proud of our son Jaxon’s intelligence, and can tell by his demeanor, insightful comments, and maturity that he’s bound for greatness. After seeing his picture, I know you’ll agree.

As far as work goes, I worked as a marketing consultant in Idaho Falls for a while, then came back to BYU-Idaho to work in the administration, finishing a Master’s Degree in Public Relations along the way. We still live in the Rigby area; I’ve decided that it’s not all that bad. It’s been fun reading everyone’s updates and seeing where everyone has landed. Hope to see you all at the reunion!

Riley Hall

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Stephanie Grover Orme

Hi everyone,

It is amazing to think it has been 10 years. After graduation I attended Ricks and graduated in 2000 as a registered nurse. I then moved to Pocatello and worked at Bannock Memorial Hospital until July of 2002. On July 13, 2002 I married Denny Orme. A week after our wedding we moved to Des Moines, Iowa where he went to medical school. For the last 2 years of medical school we were able to visit several areas for Denny to do his clinicals and I worked as a travel nurse. Our first stop was Largo, Florida (loved living 1 mile from the beach) for about 9 months; next was Lansing, Michigan for 3 months; Indianapolis, Indiana for 3 months; and finally to Idaho Falls for 6 months. After Denny graduated from med school in May 2006 we headed to Kalamazoo, Michigan where he did his first year of residency and I worked at Bronson Methodist Hospital via a staffing agency. On May 25, 2007 we welcomed our son Tait to our family. When Tait was 1 month old we moved to "the sweetest place on earth" Hershey, Pennsylvania. (The air truly smells like chocolate on a good day.) I am currently staying at home with Tait and Denny is starting his second year of anesthesia residency and will be done the summer of 2010. Who knows where we will end up then. It has been nice seeing what everyone has been up too. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the reunion. Wish everyone well.

Stephanie Grover Orme

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Brent and Katie (Rosenburg) Ellsworth

After graduation, Brent went on a mission to Lima, Peru, and I attended Ricks College nursing school. I graduated in 2000 and went to work for a year in Provo. Brent got back from his mission in March 2001 and we were married in September of that year. We have 2 kids, Mikayla is now 4 1/2 and Kye is now 21 months. Brent received a Bachelor's degree in Biology from BYU-Idaho and is now in the Physician's Assistant program at ISU. He will graduate in 2009 (gratefully!). I have worked at Madison Memorial Hospital in Rexburg since 2001 and currently also work for Rexburg Home Health. It'll be fun to see everyone this summer!