Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Adam Hall

10 years? Are you kidding? It's crazy to believe it has been that long! After graduation, I got married and moved to Utah so my wife, Amber, could finish school. While I worked on my Bachelor's, my wife ran her own massage therapy business in Park City doing massage on a lot of athletes training for the olympics that came to Salt Lake City. I worked at Blockbuster during school as a district trainer for the Salt Lake Valley, but upon completing my degree in Economics, I was recruited by Best Buy to be a manager for the store in American Fork. My wife and I bought our first home in Lehi, UT two years ago and finally adopted our first child in August. We have decided that we really miss the small town and have purchased some land in Rigby. We hope to be up there within the next year.Can't wait to see everyone from the class of '98. Go Trojans!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Reunion News

Remember our senior class president! Kambria has upheld her duty as Senior class president to head the reunion committee. Thank you! Many of our class mates have volunteered and are helping plan the events and find our lost classmates. Thank you! The committee held a meeting and would like to know what day you want the reunion. Please vote on the poll at the bottom of the page. They decided to hold two events for the reunion. During the day, there will be a "bring your own picnic" at (hopefully) the same park we had our Senior Picnic. They are going to try to get a bounce house and bounce obstacle course. It should be a fun and relaxing event for everyone.

That evening, there will be an event at a hotel. The details of the event will come soon! Some ideas include watching the old senior slide show and a new slide show of the pictures people have sent for the blog. We will let you know as the details are worked out.

The reunion Committee

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ty Hall

After graduating, I spent one semester at Ricks College and then served an LDS mission in Memdoza, Argentina. When I came home, I worked on the farm and went back to school at BYU-Idaho where I graduated with a Bahelors in Business Management in April of 2006. I married Amanda South in November 2004 and we have two children. Our son, Carter is almost two and our daugther Madilyn is almost 6 months. We also have a dog, Jack. We live in Rigby where I work with my family on the dairy.

Monday, September 10, 2007

1998 Fashback

Remember Savage Garden - 'Truly Madly Deeply' ? Or how about Tim McGraw - "Just To See You Smile"? Here are a few statistics from our graduating year. Titanic becomes the highest-grossing film of all time, raking in more than $580 million domestically. The Athena probe finds frozen water on moon. Scientists say ice crystals mixed with soil could provide fuel for rockets exploring solar system (Mar. 5). NBC agrees to fork over $13 million an episode for the next three years for broadcast rights to the top-rated series ER. The total dollar figure, $850 million, eclipses any price ever paid for a television show. Legendary crooner Frank Sinatra dies of a heart attack at age 82. An estimated 76 million viewers watch the last episode of Seinfeld. Super Bowl Denver d. Green Bay (31-24). NBA Championship Chicago d. Utah (4-2). Federal spending: $1675.88 billion. Federal debt: $5750.4 billion. The cost of a first-class stamp: $0.32. President: William J. Clinton Vice President: Albert Gore, Jr. Population: 270,298,524. President accused in White House sex scandal; denies allegations of affair with White House intern, Monica Lewinsky. Life sentence meted out to Terry Nichols, convicted in Oklahoma City bombing fatal to 168 . Iraq ends cooperation with UN arms inspectors (Aug. 5). Clinton orders air strikes (Dec. 16–19). US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania bombed (Aug. 7). US cruise missiles hit suspected terrorist bases in Sudan and Afghanistan. Gasoline in 1998 sold for $1.03 per gallon.

Last year 2006, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006) was the top grossing movie at $423,032,628. President: George W. Bush Vice President: Richard Cheney Population: 300 million. Super Bowl Pittsburgh d. Seattle (21–10). NBA Championship Dallas d. Phoenix (4–2). Record of the Year: "Boulevard of Broken Dreams," Green Day. Album of the Year: How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb, U2. Song of the Year: "Sometimes You Can't Make It on Your Own," U2. In the first Space Shuttle flight since Columbia's 2003 explosion, Discovery delivers supplies to the International Space Station and conducts three spacewalks. Deaths in 2006 include: Saddam Hussein, Steve Irwin, and James Brown. The cost of a stamp 39 cents, it's now 41 cents. Regular gasoline prices were averaging $3.036/gallon across the U.S. in August, 2006, slightly below the post-Katrina peak of $3.057. The US federal debt exceeds $8 trillion; the value of our entire national output of goods and services (GDP) in 2004 was only $12 trillion.

Monday, September 3, 2007


We are going to put ads on our blog, which should bring in some revenue. All proceeds from the ads will be donated to our reunion fund. We are still working on a date and place for the reunion, we will keep you posted as the details get worked out. Please keep sending us any information you know about our classmates to Keep sending pictures and summaries of what you've done since high school, we love all the updates!

The reunion committee

PS We can now add videos to the blog