Sunday, August 31, 2008

What is your new reality?

Lets get some dialogue going. What is something you've done that you swore you'd never do in high school? Are you a super strict parent? Is your job totally different than you imagined? Were you a homebody and have now been to more places than your family combined? Do you love living by your parents now, but had it out with them in high school. What is your new Reality? I hope no one is offended by the picture. It just made me laugh. :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Adam Hall's Surprise Adoption!

Just weeks after the reunion we had a surprise adoption happen. With a week notice, we went to the hospital to pick up our baby girl. Paisley Isabelle was born on July 19th. This last year has been a whirlwind for us. Our family has doubled and we have moved back to Rigby. Adam's job transfered him to Idaho Falls so we jumped at the chance and love being back home.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Reunion!!!

The 10 year reunion was awesome! It started with a picnic at Rigby City Park. A lot of our classmates and their families attended. It was fun to see little mini versions of our classmates running around. People brought their own lunch and lounged in the shade of the pavilion or enjoyed the sunshine as they followed their kids around the playground. The best part was catching up with old friends and enjoying each other's company.

Sorry, some of the pictures wouldn't list all of the names, there wasn't enough room. If you have more pictures, please send them to and I will add them to the slide show. I think we may have to have a designated photographer at our next reunion so we can get pictures of everyone. April, are you up for that? :)

Later that night we met at the Shilo Inn's restaurant, O'Callahans. As we walked in were given a sheet of paper with questions including who has lived outside The United States, who has a Master's degree ect.. If you finished filling out your paper you were put into a drawing for a Cold Stone Creamery gift card. The dinner was very nice and enjoyed by all. After the meal, Kambria and Allison lead the class in nominating individuals for different awards. There were a lot of laughter and jokes thrown in as the individuals were chosen:

Least changed - Angie Miller

Traveled furthest - Kari Inskeep (Alaska) and Jana Brown (Washington, DC)

Traveled most - Jennifer Tomchak and Brad Wilding

Highest degree - Justin Taylor, Alisha Gneiting, Tanae Allred

Most post high school schooling - Shawn Birch and Jesse Gardner

Most kids - Melissa Hess, Lisa Boyle and Kaylene Fife

Lives closest -Melissa Gregston and Lezhai Christensen

(let us know if we missed one or got one wrong. We may also need a secretary to write everything down at the next reunion :)

We also took care of some business:

Angie Bramwell Wycherly volunteered to head up our 15 year reunion. Thanks Ang!

Jana Brown Ferrel also volunteered to continue our class blog and email for the next 5 years. (yes, that's me, so if you have any ideas, pictures, ect... please send them to our Gmail address). If you change your email or mailing address please send us an email, that should eliminate the tedious time spent finding everyone.

After the awards, everyone enjoyed reminiscing about old times and catching up on new times. It was fun to see how far we've all come since High school. After leaving I realized I talked to half the people I wanted to for half the time I wanted to.

A Huge Thank You to Kambria for calling everyone and getting a committee together so we could have a great 10 year reunion!!!!

If you have more pictures, please email them to and I will add them to the slide show!

Thanks everyone, it was a great reunion!!!